AESA Prep International, along with EISB, is pleased to offer student athletes an alternative education, designed specifically to fit their busy schedule and prepare them for university.

Our academic program follows the American curriculum and currently serves 9th -12th grade students (ages 14-18). AESA students get full access to our online school platform.

However, in the blended learning program, we reinforce our online school with live instruction from teachers in a traditional classroom setting. Our teachers build real relationships with students and continuously monitor their progress.

American High School


In the blended learning program, students attend class in EISB facilities for 5 hours per day, Monday through Friday.

This compacted schedule gives student athletes the time they need for daily training. At EISB, we also understand that students will need to miss class for tournaments and competitions, and we do not punish them for this.

In fact, we maintain a low student to teacher ratio so we are able to help students catch up on their work after missing school.


We also provide a wide range of student services for all students, such as orientation, academic counseling, and university admissions advice. We can also provide specialized services, such as SAT test preparation, scouting for athletic scholarships to top universities, and coordinating private tutoring lessons.

At EISB, we believe student athletes should not have to compromise the quality of their education for their athletic pursuits. That’s why we have developed a unique program tailored to meet their needs.

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